Sakina M'SA

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Founder of the Front de Mode and creative director of her own brands, « Sakina M’Sa » and « Blue line », Sakina M’Sa has become a symbolic face of French Fashion.

She was born in Comores, graduated from L’institut Supérieur de Mode in Marseille and has been living in the district of « La Goutte d’Or », a.k.a. the 18th district of Paris since 2004.

Other than bringing life to colorful and exotic pieces, Sakina M’SA is also a supporter of solidarity Fashion and sustainability

« We’re not implied in the good kind of solidarity just because we come from a poor or priviledged background, nor because we want to do good deeds. We are implied in what’s because it surpasses us, because, from whichever background we’re from, we can’t conceive it differently. There’s an urgency to contaminate the planet with fair and authentic actions. Beautiful is fineness, contemporary art, spirituality and poetry. It is desire, illumination, charisma, litterature and poetry. It is our singularity ».

La Boutique - Front de Mode - 42 rue Volta 75003 Paris - 09 80 63 16 33

At the Front de Mode, you can find creators such as Sakina M’Sa, Vivienne Westwood, Christine Phung, Misericordia, Armoire d’homme, Naco Paris, Lea Peckre, Atelier Thersi, Rézin,…

Front de mode is located in Paris in the Haut-Marais district, well known for its art galleries (Rue de Montmorency, Rue Chapon, Rue Beaubourg). There are also many adresses for french « Art de vivre » (as Rue de Bretagne).

Several public transport station allow you to reach the boutique within a 500 meters walk. Otherwise you can easily park you car nearby rue Volta

Our boutique is open every day from 11am to 7 pm. You can also call  us in order to organize your visit at your convenience, with Sakina M’Sa workshop.

Call us: +33 9 80 63 16 33

Front de mode


FRONT DE MODE can be defined as the power of « ECO FASHION » in action; a unique experience where you can feel amazing, beautiful and otherwise think fashion.

WHO WE ARE? Front de mode is a boutique and workshop of senses and style. Our parisian boutique reconciles over fifty brands that shareeco friendly values. We thrive to inspire others by putting forward a movement of our own, with the help of refreshing styles and sustainable fashion philosophy.

OUR IDEA? To unearth and reunite mutliple designers in one place, in order to imagine a wardrobe of clothes and accessories where streetstyle and high fashion meet. Recently we have also integrated trendy and cute interior decoration and lifestyle pieces in our french touch boutique.